While it may seem that life in Florida is too good to be true, it really isn’t. The state has more to offer than most people think, and it is actually a lot more affordable than most people would expect. In fact, if someone is willing to go outside of the biggest cities, even by 20 minutes, they can find some of the cheapest rents in the USA in towns that are filled with friendly people from all over the world. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this beautiful state, and knowing what you want is the biggest hurdle that most people face.

Hidden only 60 minutes away from Gainesville Florida is a small area known as High Springs. This small town doesn’t seem like much, hosting a church retreat, some interesting diners, a few shops, and not much else, but the most interesting part of the town has nothing to do with humans and everything to do with wildlife. Every year when it starts to warm up, springs in the area start to fill up with beautiful Sea Cows, forcing swimmers to abandon their favorite holes, but giving a truly amazing look into the behavior of these beautiful creatures. The media in the area even announces the arrival of the cows, telling swimmers when the pristine swimming holes are off limits, and giving amateur photographers a chance to snap once in a lifetime pictures.

For those looking to get close to the party life, homes near Miami start to go down within 45 minutes of the city, giving great views of pristine land, but still granting access to a city that never sleeps. Small, family friendly communities dot the landscape, making it easy for children, grandchildren, siblings, and friends to come and visit or live. A number of wildlife preserves in the area also ensure that a connection to nature is never too far behind.

Finally, the area near Pensacola holds some amazing one of a kind shops and coffee houses, bringing northern culture to an incredibly southern area. This blends well with the culture of southern hospitality, and many people find that the blending of cultures makes them feel at home, no matter where they have come from. This area is also famous for amazing beaches, and there is a near limitless business potential with thousands of tourists passing through each day.