While Austin enjoys its time in the limelight on all the cable food shows, online among “foodies”, with people ogling over food trucks and picnic-table style eating, there’s one place that quietly outshines it without even trying. San Antonio has a centuries-long love affair with making great, unpretentious, affordable food that crosses cultures just by nature of its history with Mexico, and, well, Texas.

Find authentic, excellent, write-home-about-it Tex-Mex food right here in San Antonio every day of the year, without ever putting a butt cheek on a picnic table. You could but you do not have to, thanks to civilized outdoor patio-eating at the San Antonio Riverwalk, and really, anywhere in the area.

We cannot tell you where to eat, because, well, it would be an overwhelming list. And, you are aware of how large of a place Texas is, and even how expansive and spread out San Antonio is also. That leaves us with one better option.

Rather than take our word for it, or have to do that uncomfortable approaching strangers asking them where they eat routine, check online. That’s right, forget leaving it up to God or the fates, or simply lady luck of the taste buds of whom yuo ask.

Now, you can just jump online, looking for Tex-Mex in San Antonio. You thought there would be a lot of Tex-Mex restaurants, right? Just not that many. We hear you. This is where it gets a little easier.

Now, drill down by the area of San Antonio where you are staying, or want to go. We suggest if you are meeting up with your friends clear across San Antonio that you simply find a midway point, and then narrow it down to places within a mile or two of there.

Then, use the zip codes or landmarks in the area to give review sites a way to specifically narrow down your search more. There, you can decide how little or how much you want to spend, what specific specialty dishes you want to see on the menu, and whether you want a fancy or more down home feel.

If you have kids, further look for kid-friendly places that maybe are a bit louder and more relaxed about everything from keeping food on the tables to chaos. The greatest part about San Antonio is that whatever your need is, you are sure to find a restaurant that has what you want, along wth the best Tex-Mex you have ever tasted.